Pagani Platinum X - 77NP

$10,339 $26,035 msrp

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The Pagani Platinum X offers the most advanced combination of features in the Barefoot Spa Collection. This spa has seven comfort seatbacks at various depths, providing plenty of space to relax and relieve tension with a jet massages.

  • Wide variety of the largest available adjustable jets
  • Upgraded perimeter LED lighting package
  • Dual LED lit water features that are both visually and audibly appealing
  • 2 seatbacks equipped with headrests for maximum relaxation and comfort
  • Two neck rest with massagers
  • No hassle, “set and forget” digital control system
  • Quality constructed PVC frame for maximum structural integrity
  • Mylar backed foam insulation for maximum heat retention and efficiency
  • Included precision spa cover to trap heat and moisture in and keep debris out.
  • Equipped with OZO filtration
Seats 7
Dimensions 7 foot x 7 foot x 3 foot
Dry Weight 750 pounds
Capacity 400 gallons
Heater 4.0kw
Electrical 220v; 50 amp
Pumps 2
Lounge N/A