HydroFit - FS8

$14,299 $36,007 msrp

* Due to high demand orders ship in 12 - 16 weeks *
* Contact a product specialist at (804) 298-3950 *

The HydroFit is a compact exercise spa. With 12 inches of added depth, you can enjoy the benefits of low impact aquatic exercises and water aerobics, all in an 8×8 frame. In addition, enjoy a relaxing massage in one of 6 seats, with a wide variety of jet clusters. This spa is equipped with a deep corner seat with neck and shoulder jets.

Seats 6
Dimensions 7.5' x 7.5' x 4.5'
Dry Weight 1100 pounds
Capacity 650 gallons
Heater 4.0kw
Electrical 220v; 50 amp
Pumps 2
Lounge N/A

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