Pagani Platinum X - 77NP

$10,999 $27,697 msrp
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The Pagani Platinum X offers the most advanced combination of features in the Barefoot Spa Collection. This spa has seven comfort seatbacks at various depths, providing plenty of space to relax and relieve tension with a jet massages.

  • Wide variety of the largest available adjustable jets
  • Upgraded perimeter LED lighting package
  • Dual LED lit water features that are both visually and audibly appealing
  • 2 seatbacks equipped with headrests for maximum relaxation and comfort
  • Two neck rest with massagers
  • No hassle, “set and forget” digital control system
  • Quality constructed PVC frame for maximum structural integrity
  • Mylar backed foam insulation for maximum heat retention and efficiency
  • Included precision spa cover to trap heat and moisture in and keep debris out.
  • Equipped with OZO filtration
Seats 7
Lounge N/A
Dimensions 7' x 7' x 3'
Dry Weight 750 pounds
Capacity 400 gallons
Heater 4.0kw
Electrical 220v; 50 amp
Pumps 2
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Gaithersburg, MD
Loving Our New Hot Tub

I love this hot tub for a lot of reasons. The size is perfect. we put it on our deck, and it fits perfectly there with just enough room for the steps and room to walk around all sides. The other thing that really stands out for us is the water management system. Its called an ozonator. The system cleans the water with a gas like ozone, and it uses a UV light as a sterilizer as well. Point is, the management of the water is mostly done by the inner working sof the hot tub, and most importantly, NOT BY ME! I already have too many gadgets an toys that require maintenance, and Im relieved that the hot tub includes this feature.

Petersburg, VA
We Visited the Factory

We did something we never did before. We went to a hot tub factory! That’s where we got our barefoot spas 77NP, and yes, we got to actually walk in to the factory and look at the assembly line, etc. They made us wear hard hats as we walked to the back near the assembly line. In addition to that, we had to sign a liability form. Mike was the guy that worked with us. He said the tour was optional, but we were both curious about how the hot tubs are made, so we decided to do it. It was really really cool to see it, and we loved the entire experience from start to finish! Mike was great, and the tour of the facility was fascinating! So many parts, and processes, and a lot of workers too! Who would’ve thought? I guess you don’t know how complicated or intricate something is until you see the process of it being built, and sure enough, they are all made from scratch right here in Richmond, Virginia!

Oklahoma City, OK
Great Buy!

Our barefoot spas 77NP 7 foot by 7 foot hot tub (P series) was a great buy for us. We’ve been really happy with it, and the deal we got as far as price was outstanding. When they delivered it, I hooked it up myself. We got the one that is loaded up with everything, and all the extra features. We like the waterfall jets that spray up, and the lights are really cool. Also the power of this spa is top notch. The pressure behind the jets blows my old hot tub out the water… no pun intended!

West Allis, WI
Made for Us

We have the 2018 Barefoot 77NP and we love it. The power is great, and what I really love is the second deepest seat fits me perfectly. It has shoulder jets that spray downwards to the top of my shoulders. This is most relaxing for me because I have pain and stiffness in my shoulders and neck. The spa has two “neck seats”. We call it that. Not sure what it’s really called. THey probably have a fancy name for it. The less deep one, I fit perfectly in there, and the deeper one, is my husband’s. It’s like it was made for us!